Essay on War Poetry

What messages about war or patriotism are expressed in each of the three poems: “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death” by W.B. Yeats, “The Soldier” by Rupert Brook, and “Dreamers” by Siegfried Sassoon. Write a 5 paragraph essay comparing the messages about war in the three poems. I will attach the rubric and necessary pdfs.… Continue reading Essay on War Poetry

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Research Paper: Puerto Rico- Statehood? Commonwealth? Independence?

*Topic: Puerto Rico- Statehood? Commonwealth? Independence? -one argument in favor of each choice and the negative aspects of each, another alternative? *You should choose recent newspaper/magazine article(s) relating to current events/issues (within the last 2 years) concerning Latin@s in the United States and build and formulate an analysis of the topics and issues raised in… Continue reading Research Paper: Puerto Rico- Statehood? Commonwealth? Independence?

Supply Chain Planning Model and Analytics

Good morning I need your help with my essay. I’m sending the pdf’s with the instructions and an essay example regarding the course requirements. Thank you very much in advance.

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Professionalism in the Workplace

The first step in dealing with stress is to identify the contributing factors. Briefly describe two stressors that you face in your professional life as a elementary school teacher that teaches students with autism. that interfere with your ability to manage time effectively. Explain the cause of these stressors and how they impact your life… Continue reading Professionalism in the Workplace

Research and Changes

Chapter 12 deals with research that assesses changes over time. Note that many developmental researchers look for changes over time as well as differences between ages. The type of design one selects depends on the research question that you are asking. Money is also an issue. Remember that Terman’s study began in 1921 and is… Continue reading Research and Changes

Guerrilla warfare Africa

I need an annotated bibliography. I have a list of sources but feel free to find more. My research topic is examining the misconceptions of guerrilla warfare and talking about why they are manipulated into fighting for issues they might not fully understand. Also I need specific events and dates that occurred in Africa. I… Continue reading Guerrilla warfare Africa

Eating healthy essay

Persuasive essay to college students on changing to a vegitarian diet. Sources already included follow outline provided use quotes included in outline (and more quotes form sources listed as needed) Offline article, Rubric and outline attached. The links are provided to all other articles on the works cited page of the outline.

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toddler development

In an essay of approximately 2 pages( if you need to add a bit more that is fine.)12pt type, double-spaced. Discuss what Dr. Fitzgerald states about learning language and how it connects with what is stated in the Scaffolding Language Development video, the How a Child’s Brain Develops video and Chapter 2 of the textbook.… Continue reading toddler development

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Psychology 1A

Course Presentation Presentations Psychology 1A Assignment: Students will work individually on a project of your choice relating to some aspect of Psychology. Projects can involve creating a poster, a PowerPoint, video, or similar project of your design. Choose a real-life psychology topic that you are passionate about. Each presentation should be 10-15 minutes. Be sure… Continue reading Psychology 1A

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