Consider your readings and videos this module week and the article SKYbrary: Imp

Consider your readings and videos this module week and the article SKYbrary: Impaired Judgment, Decision Making and Flying Skills due to Fatigue (OGHFA SE). (Links to an external site.) Read through the Briefing Notes and Checklists from this site, and outside sources.Ruminating Writing Assignment:Submit a two-page paper (not including cover and reference pages) on the effects spatial disorientation and visual illusions and the loss of situational awareness have on human performance. APA formatting is required.
Address safety situations due to impaired decision-making and judgment, fatigue and stress, and sleep disruptions.
And finally, identify ways to mitigate risks associated with these situations to improve human performance on the ground and in the air.
Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number. Do not add punctuation or special characters. Refer to the rubric for specific grading information.Please use the template provided
Requirements: 2 pages

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