ASSIGNMENT:In your responses to your peers, explain why you agree or disagree wi

ASSIGNMENT:In your responses to your peers, explain why you agree or disagree with their responses and support your position using ethical principles.THE FOLLOWING PEERS DECIDED TO WRITE ABOUT SCENARIO TWO, THE FOLLOWING IS THE ETHICAL SCENARIO BOTH PEERS HAS CHOSEN TO WRITE ABOUT: Imagine you are a developer for a small start-up, and your project team recently collected user data from surveys. This user data contains first- and last-name information, phone numbers, and geographical information, as well as data on personal preferences and on user behaviors with an interface. A few weeks before your project team launches the system, you receive an email from a colleague you admire. This colleague works for a company you have been thinking about working for. The company is also a competitor of your current company because they share a similar user base. In the email, your colleague asks you to forward the data you gathered. By forwarding the data, you can save your colleague’s company time, money, and resources. If you select this scenario, reflect on the following:_____PEER POST # 1For this week’s discussion I am going with scenario 2. If a colleague I respected asked me to violate the code of Ethics, I would kindly decline that request. I would also lose respect for said colleague as this is highly unethical behavior. I think anyone who has access to customer’s data is ethically and legally obligated to keep this data private and secure. If I or anyone at my organization provided any competitor private customer data, that would negatively impact the company and could result in legal concerns. This would also negatively impact the company’s reputation and may cause current customers to go with a competitor.PEER POST # 2Hello Class,Basically, I won’t give the information to my previous colleague because it won’t be right to give the information for the company that is much bigger company that I am working at. I can loose my job because of that too. Also, I am responsible for giving the information to a colleague that used to work in the company. Would let my manager know that the rival company is trying to get the information. We need to control our servers and data into a more secure way. So, that only those people who really need information from the file can get it but if they don’t need it than we don’t technically give them the access to the files. Alert the cybersecurity team to be more on a high alert for any breaches.

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