I’m working on a business project and need an explanation to help me learn.Revie

I’m working on a business project and need an explanation to help me learn.Review and follow the instructions in the files (Project Information) and (Rubric) and accordingly fill out and provide answer in the 5 Templates.in the Templates you can fin clear instruction on how to provide the required answers..This is the the Fourth project which is built on top of 3 previous project which will be shared as a reference for you( p1, p2 and P3 files). in these 3 previous project you should be able to understand what is the topic we are doing a project for. also, you can find important information which can be used in this project as some of the questions have already been covered in the previous projects.the overview of the project: Kaiser Permanente is looking to enter into the preventative care space to help their patient base increase physical activity and improve on healthy habits. While the overall goal is improved patient satisfaction and well being, the specific financial goal is reduced cost by emphasizing improved health prior to any adverse conditions developing. Overall, KP wants to decrease spending on conditions such as type 2 diabetes.Your team is tasked with researching the potential costs, features and benefits of a mobile application that communicates with KP patients and helps them improve on healthy habits.
Requirements: As Required in the templates and the rubric   |   .doc file

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