I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need support to help me learn.W

I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need support to help me learn.What is your issue? What is its history? Why is it important? Whom does it affect? What are the general positions taken on this issue? What is your position (your thesis)? (in third person, please). Your introduction should present your topic as objectively and neutrally as possible. This is where you set the stage for your argument, not where you argue. Therefore, begin by discussing what your issue is, how long it has been an issue, how it came to be an issue, current points of view, recent changes, and speculations about the future. Dont forget to state your thesis and include your rationale (main points that you will argue in the body).II. Body (Arguments and Counterarguments)ideas for multiple sections of the body. Name one point that supports your thesis. Why is this point important? Discuss in several sentences. Provide a position (quote, paraphrase) from one of your sources. Explain, discuss, what this source is saying, and add your own comments. Provide another sourceeither support or counterclaim.How does this additional source material make you think about the prior source? Discuss and add your own commentary. Each body paragraph will: include a topic sentence that presents an argument or counterclaim, discuss that topic in depth, discuss and explain what that source is saying, include additional source material, and show how the two relate or differ.III. Conclusionmake it well developed What have you discovered about your topic? Whats most significant? What are your main arguments, counterarguments? Do you have any solutions or final comments? Conclusions, because they are the last thing the reader sees, should be strong and should repeat your thesis statement as well as summarize your main points.
Requirements: 4 pages

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