The first two templates have already been completed and explains what the topic/

The first two templates have already been completed and explains what the topic/subtopics are. This assignment should be completed based on those templates. The technology age has resulted in an explosion of information. Using the internet, anyone can create and publish content, so you now have a wide variety of easily accessible information at your fingertips. The consequence of this is an abundance of unreliable information that can be easily and widely circulated. Think about the last time you searched for and used information. It could have been to find directions, a movie review, instructions on completing a task, or information for an assignment. Which source did you use, and how did you know the source was credible?For this assignment, you will evaluate sources for reliability and credibility and apply those skills to the popular article you selected to support the Week 5 Wikipedia Stub Article Expansion final project. You will also discuss your application of reading strategies from the Student Support Center (SSC)To complete your assignment, download the Week 3: Popular Source Evaluation Template and respond to each question. In the template you willProvide an APA Style-formatted reference for your popular article.Describe to what extent your popular article met each element of the CRAAPO test. Your description of each element should be at least two to three sentences.Discuss the overall strength of your popular article as an appropriate source for your Wikipedia stub article subtopics. Include specific details from your popular article to support your points.Explain why it is important to evaluate sources of information.Assess if your reading strategy changed as you read the popular article as opposed to the scholarly article. Why is the ability to adjust reading strategies important?
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