Learning Goal: I’m working on a case studies writing question and need guidance

Learning Goal: I’m working on a case studies writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Provide a brief overview of the project and then explain how the project specifically fits the four (4) elements of the Kloppenborg definition. The specific definition to utilize is as follows: “A project is a 1) new, 2) time-bound effort that has a definite beginning and a definite ending with 3) several related and/or interdependent tasks to 4) create a unique product or service” (Kloppenborg 2019, p. 4). This essay should be five (5) paragraphs long with the first paragraph explaining the project and then one paragraph each explaining specifically how your selection fits each of the four (4) identified elements of a project.Upon completion of the essay, you will draft a Business Case for your project. Using exactly one hundred (100) words you will provide a brief overview of the project including important scope information. The business case generally includes both why the project is needed and what is going to be completed during the project. This should incorporate what is going to be done during the project and not what objectives the project hopes to achieve. Also, it needs to provide some scope elements to allow the reader to “picture” the project in their head. This includes items such as budget, size, time frame, and other specific and measurable elements of the project.This assignment should be single-spaced so do not change any of the formatting for this document.How does this fit the four (4) elements of a project? (400+ word, five paragraph essay):Business Case (exactly 100 words):
Requirements: Case study part

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