This is a PhD level post. High level of English. You MUST read through the entir

This is a PhD level post. High level of English. You MUST read through the entire materials and not just brush off. APA 7th. References example is attached (see carefully).First- read the research idea. This is important (attached). 10 pages, double space:(a) a brief introduction to two distinctive integral research skills pertinent to the student’s own spiritual or creative praxis;1- Intention, attention & Observation and2- visual Auditory skillsAs it connects to your research. I will give you access to books. Attached what was said in posts class in every week, so you can take ideas, but DO NOT quote.Must include a particular quote and direct citations and page number that created that inner recognition of truth. (don’t count as word count) (b) an experiential exercise, meditation, or activity that introduces others to the proposed integral research skill; – see examples in the chapters, come up with a NEW experiential exercise, meditation, or activity.(c) applications of the skill to the three phases of research (planning the study and collecting data, analyzing data, and communicating findings). Each integral research skill studied weekly during this course is presented in this manner and thus, in the final paper you will just have to follow the same structure applied to a new, original research skill. – attached. Please add skills from the examples. The final paper will be evaluated in terms of:(a) content adequately addresses the aims of the assignment;(b) is presented clearly, cogently, and in proper writing style format;(c) demonstrates indications of scholarly writing, critical thinking, and presents adequate supporting evidence for the arguments introduced.
Requirements: 10 pages

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