Community Health Assessment Instructions and Grading RubricCommunity Health Asse

Community Health Assessment Instructions and Grading RubricCommunity Health Assessment- Community health is a critical dimension in baccalaureate nursing. In this assignment, the student will begin to evaluate the health needs of a community. In order to meet the needs of the members of a community, nurses must first identify barriers to health care and identify priorities of the community. The student will use the textbook Assessment Framework for a community health assessment to explore a geographical community (Chapter 6). For help with writing the questions to ask, see text Chapter 6, Box 6-2: Questions to Guide Community Observations During a Windshield Survey. There are many different sources of data needed to complete a comprehensive community health assessment. The student will explore these data sources during the preparation of their community assessment. The Community Health Assessment PowerPoint (include all the grading criteria on the grading rubric) is compiled, including multiple sources of data, following the completion of the community assessment. This is an individual or team assignment. Start by selecting a community.Next, complete a Walking or Windshield Survey of the community.Next, check the resources folder under content and the NU400 resources in the Mustang Library to do online searches for data about the community.You will need multiple (at least 4 sources of data) in your assessment.***The 4 sources of data must be The walking or windshield tour
Two sources of data from the Library NU400 Data Guide
An interview with a key informant (keep their identity confidential for the assignment)
Feel free to use pictures and images in the PowerPoint to show the community! Avoid using pictures of children that you have taken. You may use copyright free pictures from government websites (city, county) as government photos on their websites are public domain.Mustang Library NU400 Data Guide: data guide set up for NU400 at the Mustang Library has a menu at the top that includes databases for many of the items you need for the Community Assessment!The Community Health Diagnosis:For this assignment, you will identify a priority health need and write a community health diagnosis. This community health diagnosis will also be the priority topic that you use for the Community Health Education Project.Write a community health diagnosis using the following format from the Nies and McEwen (2019) text in Chapter 6: Community Assessment.Start by using the community assessment that you have just completed in this assignment. Next, using the format, write a diagnosis that used to address the measure of concern and add this to your PowerPoint.The format for community health diagnosis is, “Increased risk of ______________(disability or disease) among ____________________(community or population) related to ______________________(etiological statement) as demonstrated in ___________________(health indicators).”Submit the Community Health Assessment to the courseroom assignment dropbox for grade credit.Please include major headings in your PowerPoint for the required elementsCommunity Health AssessmentPossible pointsEarned points1. Walking or Windshield Survey (see text Box 6-2)2. Describe the community vitality: 83. Describe indicators of social and economic conditions:84.Describe the health resources:85.Describe environmental conditions related to health:8Physical characteristics
6.Describe social functioning:87.Describe the community attitude toward health and health care:88.Include of one key informant from the community – interviewed with data included in the assessment109. Describe two other sources of health data about the community (from sources at the NU400 Library Guides)1510.Formulate a Community Health Diagnosis (justifying identified priority primary need—the most important needThe format for community health diagnosis is, “Increased risk of ______________(disability or disease) among ____________________(community or population) related to ______________________(etiological statement) as demonstrated in ___________________(health indicators).”1011.Identify limitations or barriers to data collection that you experienced212.Compile information into or PowerPoint following APA format513.Use correct grammar and spelling throughout PowerPoint514.At least four different sources of data are presented5Possible pointsEarned pointsFINAL SCORE100(Recall that 25% is deducted per day for late assignments.)
Requirements: Minimum of 30 PowerPoint slides

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