Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness question and need guidance to help me le

Learning Goal: I’m working on a fitness question and need guidance to help me learn.Country : United KingdomService Required : ReportSubject : Football (Soccer) CoachingLevel of Study : MastersTarget Grade : Masters PassLength: 7500 Words (~30 pages)Delivery Time : 2 DaysTime for requesting changes : Standard 7 daysPaper instructions : SECTION 1 (3000 – 4000 words)In this section the student will propose a Game Model for a specific andrealistic football team, that is competing in the 5 big European Leagues (Spain,England, Germany, France and Italy).In his project, the student will explain the characteristics of the club, team andplayers. After that, and related to this info, will develop a proposal on how theteam must play based on the culture and context of the club/team, and thespecific characteristics of the players.The Game Model development must include the behaviors of the players inthe different football moments and the different spaces of the pitch. At the sametime, will include different formations and set plays proposals. The structure willbe as:1. Cover (1 slide)2. Club resume (2 slides)3. League Characteristics (1 slide)4. Team resume (4 slides)5. Game Idea (1 slide)6. Principal formation (and 2 variants) (2 slides)7. Behaviors in each moment (16 slides – 4 slides per moment) *8. Set plays (9 slides) **9. Game Model resume (2 slides)* 3 slides will be for the main idea or principal behaviors, and the 4th slide will be variants in eachspecific proposal adapting to new situations.** Set plays: offensive corner (1), defensive corner (1), starting action middle field (1), startingfrom goal (2), throw in (2), free kick (1), lateral free kick (1).Please note that all formations and set plays have to be visually represented.SECTION 2 (3000 – 4000 words)In this section, the student must construct and develop his type of basicmicrocycle (one-week program training, between two competitions games).Within that objective, the student will explain what happened in the game beforethe beginning of the week, and the characteristics of the next game. Thiscontextualization can be an imagination, and the student is free to choose thesituation he wants, or he can use a real week of his team for Section 1. Theproposal of the week will fit this contextualization.The microcycle will include the number of training sessions, in and out thepitch. The number of training hours and its organization during the week. How hewill distribute the loads during the week, and the different characteristics oftrainings for specific players or groups. Must be explained the different objectivesand contents for the different structures that are related to the game model. Willexplain strategies during the training and out of it. And will develop someexercises, showing which kind of exercises will use as a main part of the trainingsessions.The structure of this section will be:1. Cover (1 page)2. Explanation of last and next game (how the team lost and characteristicsof the next adversary) (1 page).3. Load organization and why (training days in and out of the pitch) (1 page)4. Training session (1 page for session – 4 to 6)*5. Strategy development for the next game (1 page)6. Microcycle resume (1 table (excel) – 1 page)* In each session, must be a minimum of three activities and a maximum of four, showing themain strategies during the training. For each task, the info will include: type of task, time, mainobjectives, explanation of the rules, variants, number of players and teams, graphic of theexercise.This section will be done with Word and Excel tools (Microsoft Office), savingit all together as one PDF, for the final version. On all pages (except on the cover),the heading with the title of the work should appear along with the official EU logo.In the footer, the student’s name, along with the numbering of the pages, startedto number from the summary.Please note that all formations and training have to be visually represented.
Requirements: 7500

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