Discipline:OtherType of assignment:Research PaperType of service:WritingSpacing:

Discipline:OtherType of assignment:Research PaperType of service:WritingSpacing:Double spacingPaper format:APANumber of pages:6 pagesNumber of sources:7 sourcesPaper detalis:The HLS 321W Research Proposal Project (RPP) requires the student to complete a proposal for a social science research project. The project will be submitted in three phases over the entire course. Students will submit each assignment on the day designated in the HLS 321W Weekly Lessons and will receive instructor feedback on each submission.Each assignment will be a compilation of the new section(s) required and all previous sections submitted (see table), considering instructor feedback and new information the student learns. For example, Phase 2 will include a revised Title Page & Introduction section and a new Literature Review section; Assignment 3 will include a revised Title Page, Introduction, and Literature Review sections and a new Research Design and Appendices.Phase 1 is complete however a research question about the paper must be added. phase 2 and phase 3 need to be completed which are the literature review and research design and appendices.
Requirements: No limitation

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