Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics question and need a reference to help

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics question and need a reference to help me learn.3 pages.. Determine whether the market structure of the industry in which your chosen company operates is perfectly competitive, monopolistically competitive, oligopolistic, or monopolistic. Justify your response.
Assess how the type of market structure impacts your chosen company’s financial performance as measured by performance variables over the past three years. Support your response with data and graphs illustrating two performance variables of your choosing (e.g., sales, net income, stock price) over time.
Answer the following question: How would possible changes in the industry’s market structure impact your chosen company’s business strategy in the future? Keep your company’s current business strategy in mind in your response.
requires you to obtain three years annual data for two financial performance variables, this is to be done in two separate graphs, one for each variable. Do not use quarterly or monthly data, use annual data. You are then to graph a trend line. A trend line is drawn in the X and Y axis. Each axis should be labeled. You are to plot your points and fit a line that will tell you something about the trend of the variable. Then fitted line will show the trend of your variable. Do not present bar charts or pie charts or attempt to put all two trend lines in one graph. Bar charts and pie charts can be very misleading and should be avoided in any serious research. When finished you should have two performance variables with three years values for each variable, 2 tables of the data. In addition, you should have three graphs, one for each variable.
Requirements: 10

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