Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation to help me learn.At the conclusion of unit 1, you will submit a short close-reading essay that offers an original syntactical analysis of a passage from Northanger Abbey. You should choose a passage, about a page in length, that we haven’t covered as a class. I encourage you to annotate it for syntactical elements before you start writing your essay. You do not need to attach your passage to the essay. If you properly cite your quotations in your analysis, it should be extremely clear what part of the book you’re writing about.
Do not include an introduction or conclusion paragraph: the focus here is your analysis and the argument you draw from it. The essay should have the following components:
•An original title (not “Unit Essay” or the name of the text you’re analyzing) that reflects the focus of your paper;
•A thesis statement (simply stating it as “Thesis: [thesis here]” at the start of the paper is fine) about your passage that is specific, arguable, narrow in scope, and addresses the stakes of your argument;
◦It is okay to just write “Thesis: [your thesis statement here]” at the start of the paper!
◦You are not expected to have finished reading the book by this point. We’ll be finishing it during unit 2. Your thesis should therefore be focused on the passage you have selected and should make a connection between the syntactical elements of that passage and your interpretation of it.
•Multiple body paragraphs that each include:
◦A clear topic sentence about the text that is a claim, connects back to the thesis, and reflects the main point of the paragraph;
◦Multiple quotations and pieces of textual evidence that support the claim that you make in your topic sentence and that are integrated into your own sentences;
◦Multiple sentences that explain specifically what these pieces of evidence mean and that link them back to your topic sentence;
◦A final sentence that serves as a transition statement to your next argumentative point in your next paragraph (which should be clearly indicated in the next paragraph’s topic sentence).
◦Use as many paragraphs as you need to prove your point. Each paragraph should have its own clear main idea, and each paragraph should only have one main idea in it. Don’t restrict yourself to the five-paragraph-essay formula that you may have learned in high school!
◦Your paragraphs should address at least two syntactical elements that are at play in the passage you’ve selected. (More is fine, but make sure you fully develop each analysis.)
Your audience for this paper is someone who has read Northanger Abbey and knows it fairly well. Limit your plot-related commentary to cases where such information is absolutely necessary for clarity. Your tone should be formal (no contractions, swearing, or colloquialisms) and should be objective and argumentative; avoid reader-response style language. If you have questions about this distinction, ask! 1st sources:
Northanger Abbey – Second Edition
Requirements: 1 page

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