Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to h

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to help me learn.For each classmate, I must reply with a 200-word reply. I have included my own discussion post which I submitted for ideas.I am too overwhelmed with other classes at the moment to turn in everything on time today. CLASSMATES POST #1After doing this week’s reading, I feel that a few examples lead me to feel ambivalent attachment style is mainly relatable to me. For instance, I text a lot and want to talk with my partner, but I will get things done first, like my job or studies, but I want to speak to them in my free time (Kottler & Shepard, 2015, p. 133). I also feel this way because I can be around someone I am with, but I want to be alone after a while. I also avoid getting too close or intimate with others out of fear of being hurt. This I have been working on being more open with people I do trust just a little. I also noticed through this assignment that most recent relationships had been long-distance. They live about two hours away, so the only communication between visits was via text and phone calls. This may have to do with growing up in the foster care system; I aged out as my brother and sister did. So trust for me is very big, hard-earned and easily lost. I must admit a lot comes from my self-doubt and fear. I believe this type of style actually damages the good relationships I may have, and it also may keep me repeating the cycle of a negative association with unclear boundaries. I usually take care of things and always make sure they do not want (the motherly figure). Another book from a previous class gave me the exact insight Anxious-ambivalent says one tends to get close to a partner quickly and usually before the other (Seccombe, 2018, p.101). I believe this affects my relationships because I allow my fears, and I do not fully open up, nor do I be sure that there are clear and healthy boundaries. Having insight into this allows being to change those behaviors and replace them with healthier ways of coping and communicating. I have realized the negative effect on myself and others around me by allowing my irrational fears to invade my daily living. I can learn to take things more daily and not worry too much about tomorrow because I can not control tomorrow. Just hope for the best and live for today. CLASSMATES POST #2After looking everything over, I appear to have very light attachment style. I like to have people around me, but I know how to do things without them and can enjoy their company when they come around again. I see this as being the “secure attachment style,” I like being around people but do not need to have them all the time to have satisfaction in things that I do. “Attachment theory emphasizes the importance of parents’ ability to provide a secure base for their children to explore the world, feeling safe and secure that support and help is available as needed.” (Kottler & Shepard, pg 131) I really believe that my style is definitely from how my parents treated me growing up and how I have tried to treat my children. I always knew my parents were there for me but I was confident in doing my own activities. I think my style impacts my relationships because I am still confident in doing things individually. I can come back to my significant other but not always does my style work with how they feel our relationship should be going. In reading this information, it has had me looking back on some of my relationships. I think that my feeling of not needing to be around my partner all the time and for all events, may have made it a little difficult for them. They may have been raised differently and they had the feeling that if they are left by a loved one, they may not see them again and they are not too sure what to do without them. This will help me in giving guidance to my children on relationship issues. They may run into someone that feels they need to be together all of the time or someone that is more like me and can function without them
Requirements: 400 words

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