1.   Choose a topic of interest to you dealing with macroeconomic issues.  For e

1. Choose a topic of interest to you dealing with macroeconomic issues. For example students in the past have written about the merits of the minimum wage; trade deficit issues; relationship between war uncertainty and the economy; benefits of free trade; the Fed and the interest rates etc. If in doubt do not hesitate to ask me for advice. Ensure that the topic you write about interests you since you will have to research the topic and provide a bibliography of your sources. It is a lot easier to read about topics that have some interest to you than those in which you have no interest. 3. The paper should consist of the following: Title Page Body of the Paper (5 double-spaced typed pages) Reference page where you list your sources (3 sources) The paper should address the major points of your various sources. Feel free to add your own opinions to the analysis of your sources. Dont be shy about expressing your opinions. Remember in economics everyone has an opinion. 4. This is very important: Do not be tempted to use other peoples material as your own. Give credit where credit is due and list them in your Bibliography. It is fine to paraphrase as long as you acknowledge the author. As a reminder plagiarism will result in a failing grade and be referred for further action. 5. Good luck and have fun with the paper!

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