1.List & identify key issues, 2.provide diagnostic impressions based upon the DS

1.List & identify key issues 2.provide diagnostic impressions based upon the DSM-5 and 3.list broad treatment recommendations Case Study of Joshua E. Johnson DO Dr. Joshua E. Johnson is self-referred for counseling services due to his selfdescribed reliance on alcohol after the challenging days he is experiencing in the workplace. Joshua is a 39-year-old African American male who is a leading pulmonologist and a cardiologist at the local hospital where you are employed. He is known for providing quality medical care engages in cutting edge research is a thought leader recognized nationally and internationally and a servant leader in his family as well as his community. He has been married to his undergraduate college sweetheart for 11 years and the couple have three children who are in the early childhood stage of life. Dr. Keisha Johnson (MD) has a lucrative private medical practice. She specializes in dermatology. The two have a joyful marriage. Each one is committed to making each other and their children a priority. Joshuas mother resides with the family after the tragic death of his father due to a car accident two years ago. She has been residing with them for one year. The children and Keisha love having her in their lives Joshua does as well. Joshua discloses he feels anxious because he wants to ensure all the members of his family are cared for spiritually emotionally and financial. Joshua shared stories about his dad and how he was a wonderful father. He affectionally refers to his dad as Pops. Joshua wants to be an amazing dad and son he states I know I have big shoes to fill. Joshua affirms his belief in Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. He states I would be lost without Christ guidance in my life. I am concerned because I am replacing my quiet time with the Lord on Tuesday and Thursday nights with a beer glass of wine and I live stream sports events and/or mindless television shows. Joshua holds his head in his left hand and shakes his head. Joshua attends church regularly and is active in a local African American male physicians initiative to provide health assessments and reduced cost health services to members of the community have been identified as having low socioeconomic status. He has recently become involved in a Girl Dad program and enjoys spending two hours every other Saturday morning with his only daughter engaging in fun activities. When he completed the Health Questionnaire Joshua reported experiencing headaches suffering from stomach pains and not wanting to wake up but sleep in most days of the week. After completing his spirituality assessment you understand his relationship with God is salient. After God he values his relationship with his wife and family. Until recently he actively studied and memorized scripture. His life verse is Matthew 6:33. He knows God desires for us to forgive seventy times seven (Matthew 18: 21-22) and he is working on this. Joshua has a relationship with a colleague who continues to use microinsults and aggression. The colleague has made racist and stereotyped comments about him. Recently Joshua informed his peer of his actions. The colleague apologizes but continues to engage in insensitive and harmful behaviors. Joshua is upset and trying to forgive the individual. Joshua is perplexed because his cognitive process believes in Gods word on forgiveness; however is heart is having difficulty forgiving someone who has been hurtful to him and others that look like him. He has not shared this with Keisha because he does not want her to be concerned about his wellbeing at work. Joshua is eager to receive support services to assist him with the current challenges he is experiencing.

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