1.)President Biden  established a bipartisan commission to examine the subjects

1.)President Biden established a bipartisan commission to examine the subjects of adding additional Supreme Court Justices to the bench and setting term limits for Justices. If you were on the commission what would your recommendation be about these 2 issues? 2.)Coinbase a marketplace to buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin went public last week. Coinbase became the first major cryptocurrency company to do so. Will this increase the use of digital currencies? 3.)Georgia recently passed a statute called the Election Integrity Act which despite a positive sounding law actually greatly restricts voting access. Almost companies issued a joint statement criticizing the Act. Major League Baseball (MLB) moved its summer All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Did MLB do the right thing? Why? 4.)Walmart plans to create an app to provide standardize digital vaccination credentials for people who get vaccinated in their stores. The credentials can be to use to verify their status at airports and schools. (N.Y. Times March 21 2021) 5.) Wawa is paying its employees a $75 bonus if they get vaccinated for Covid-19. Is that a good business decision?

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