100 word agree or disagree  It is amazing what can be accomplished when the righ

100 word agree or disagree It is amazing what can be accomplished when the right hand AND the left hand work in concert together. The methodology of Lean Six Sigma is one that I am familiar with and I bring it up because it relates to the linkage of information. At a former duty station of mine our commanding officer brought in someone to certify us as green belts (I have since become a certified black belt). The end of course project needed for certification was decided to revolve around in-house battalion processes. In completing the process every different department was made aware of everyones role and was able to grasp exactly what it took to complete the procedures. This in-depth look behind the curtain was extremely insightful as it instantly changed our perspectives. From this project we changed the way we do business becoming a more efficient force and were subsequently able to provide better customer service. It is one thing to have vast amounts of information another to use another to know how to use and lastly yet possibly most importantly another to know WHO else needs or could possibly benefit from it. In the military the phrase dont be the one with a/the secret is widely known. In business an individually may be tempted to keep close hold the information in order to be seen as more valuable or essential. When it comes to analytics and business systems it is of paramount importance that all the platforms talk with one another so the information gathered can be shared utilized and presented by all the enterprises within. Future strategic planning is at its best when ALL relevant data has been taken in and analyzed. Only then can it be said that the best decision was made. This is to include and involve all human elements from across the spectrum. The enterprise systems involved are those that incorporate all the decision makers both system wide and user wide. Todays systems put all the organizations analytical data at the users fingertips allowing him/her to best utilize at their whim. Linking or combining all the data streams provides for the best analysis and best way forward.

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