1000 words for a News Article Review and Critique. Topics and examples are attac

1000 words for a News Article Review and Critique. Topics and examples are attached. (CHOOSE ONE ARTICLE ONLY) Task: ¢ Read relevant literature on the mental health topic (e.g. a particular disorder) to ensure you have a good understanding of relevant (i) biological (ii) psychological (iii) social and (iv) ethical considerations pertaining to this topic. ¢ When reading this literature consider how effectively (or ineffectively) the article covers the domains relevant to a biopsychosocial perspective and the principles relevant to the APS Code of Ethics. ¢ Write a 1000-word Review and Critique that critiques the news article drawing on relevant literature to back up your arguments (using APA7 style of referencing). ¢ At the end of the critique in addition to the 1000 word review/critique provide a minimum of 4 dot-points of suggested changes to the news article based on your review in order to improve the use of evidence and the ethical portrayal of mental health issues. Note that the critique should be mindful of the purpose of a news article i.e. to communicate with a layaudience and is therefore not meant to be a scholarly article. Try to think about what overall message the news article is creating about the mental health issue it covers and what are some of the ways that this overall message could be improved by changes within the article. These dot-points are not included in your 1000 words.

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