The Paper is already written. There are a few tasks to complete. Please alphabet

The Paper is already written. There are a few tasks to complete.
Please alphabetizethe references and make sure there are no repeats.
Proof read the paper and see if all the arguments make sense, clearly illustrated/stated and are structured well.
The lit review seems like its unfocused and may be a bit offtopic in some areas, in regards to some disscussion on terrorism when the paper should be focused on conflict. It is okay to disscuss terrorism but it must be clear that it is in regards to conflict. So please edit the vocabulary or the arguments to be more in line with conflict. You can restructure the lit review if needed.
Change any language in the paper that conveys climate change causes conflict. It is important that the paper is arguing that there is a relationship/link between climate change and conflict but not directly. It must be clear that Climate change only aggrevates conflict but does not directly cause it. So use words like aggrevate, provoke, exasperate, drives.
Please edit the formating so the table of contents, subheadings and abstract etc. look nice. Currently it feels like the paper is 3 essays stiched together, so please edit it to make each section flow into the next.
Lastly please come up with 2 or 3 suggestions for a title of the research paper that fits what is being argued while also being engaging and proffessional.

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