I am going to upload the proposal that needs to be corrected and it is highlighted and mentions clearly by my advisor. so, I need the expert writer to follow the guidance provided by my advisor. and correct or add things accordingly to my proposal which I am going to upload.
Note: It is an accepted proposal just I need the corrections by an expert.
The feedback of the adviser:
Your similarity report is 89%. It is totally unacceptable.
Arguments are not clear. There should be some arguments like NATO is successful or unsuccessful to manage the crisis.
There is no theoretical background. If you want to talk about crisis, you should add conflict resolution, crisis management, and relations between them. You are only talking about offensive realism but what is its link with your topic.
You cannot analyze the crisis since 1991. The crisis period should be specific. You should mention the differences between dispute, conflict, crisis, etc. Specify your time period. You can give information (historical background) since 1991 to understand today’s crisis.
Did NATO only use 3 conflict management strategies (all of them military)? or are they any non-military strategies to stop the war, limit Russia, and deter Russia (all of them are different things by the way).
Any kind of information should be linked to your approach or argument. Otherwise, why should I need the EU’s help to Ukraine for COVID?
You are saying you will analyze NATO’s strategies but you are also explaining the EU, the US approaches, and by making references to different presidents (if presidents are important, can you apply offensive realism?). What are the links between NATO, the EU, and the USA? You are putting everything in a basket.
Are you sure about the meaning of “documentary review research”? Documentary means film. Moreover, you will also analyze primary resources (NATO’s official declarations) in addition to the secondary resources.
The table of content is not suitable. Work on it. There is no specific chapter related to your thesis’ core (main part). The Literature review or methodology is not the main part.
Be careful about the language. There are too many spelling and writing mistakes.
You don’t have to write a too long proposal but it should be strong academically. Please check other examples before re-writing.

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