US HISTORY 2 essential questions

You will complete two essential questions ONE from chapter 12 and ONE from chapter 14.
At the beginning of each Chapter, there is a box entitled Essential Questions. Essential Questions are fundamental and often not easy-to-answer questions used to guide students’ learning. They are meant to stimulate thought and provoke inquiry. Essential Questions are often open ended, require higher order thinking, and recur over time. They are designed to encourage further questioning about a particular subject rather than simply providing a factual answer to each question.
Throughout the semester, for each chapter you will be required to choose any one (1) of the Essential Questions and write-up a paragraph or two for answers (between 175-250 words). The purpose of these assignments is to assess the student’s ability to effectively analyze a question, gather appropriate information from the text at hand, as write a well organized, college/university level answer that reflects the basic expectations of a history survey course. Each question submitted is worth 15 points.

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