Controversial Advertising in International Marketing: Advertising Aimed at Minors

The paper is controversial advertising targeting minors in an international scope. The focus should be on North America, Asia – Australia, Europe, and South America.
The written report is expected to be approximately 15-20 pages excluding tables, illustrations,
appendices, and bibliography. The expectation is at least 5 pages per group member. It is also
expected that each group member will read and analyze at least five “quality” references to be
incorporated into the paper (a 1-page press release is not a considered as a “quality” source). In
addition, the group should read, incorporate and cite a minimum of three academic/scholarly
journal articles per group member in the paper. Note that Fortune, Business Week, Wall Street
Journal, and the like are not considered to be academic journals. Journal of Marketing Research,
International Journal of Advertising, and the like are. Provide a short citation in the text and then
include a full list of complete references at the end of the paper. The paper should include page
numbers. 12pt. font.
The final report should be done in a professional manner with correct grammar and spelling, citations in the
text, and all references listed at the end. The use of “I”, “We”, etc. should be avoided. Make the report
formal. The report should not be one big essay. Divide your paper into appropriate sections such as
introduction, country background, literature review, findings, and conclusions, etc.

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