Final Research Project

Topic: Include all 5 topics/learning objectives to research.
Length and format:
The paper should be approximately 7-10 pages in length excluding the cover page.
Each new topic/core learning objective should be clearly noted. For example, you might bold and underline a new topic you begin to discuss.
References should be listed at the end of each topic and all 5 topics should be 1.5 to 2 pages in length with 12point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Use the APA format for all references.
Originality: At least 75% of the verbiage in your offering for each topic must be in your own words. Up to 25% can be the words of others taken from either the text or from the articles you used in support of your offering. You may paraphrase (which is taking the words of others and restating them in your own words – see Online Writing Lab (OWL), or you may quote the words of others as long as you give proper credit (see APA link below). Be careful not to plagiarize which is using the words of others and presenting them as your own. Any verbiage presented in your offering that is not properly cited or given appropriate credit will be deemed as you presenting those words as your own.
Late Assignments: I want to make sure we are absolutely clear on this, so there are no misunderstandings down the line. Last minute emergencies, technological problems (computer crashes), etc. will not be grounds for me to give you any more time than the time you have now to do get the assignment uploaded. Be sure to back up and save a copy of your Assignment in case you or we experience technical problems.
Submission: Assignments must be uploaded as a single file attachment (no multiple files will be accepted). I will be able to accept any file saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf) format or Word doc format. This is a 300-level (junior level) class ~~ I expect at least 300-level (junior level) work. You will be graded on what you submit (see grading rubric).
References: Each topic/core learning objective review should contain at least two to three appropriate quotes and citations and two examples from organizations that support the 5 core learning objectives and topics individually2. This requires research and I ask that you utilize the Park Online Library and reference these examples of industries performing these functions. If you need support on using the APA style, please visit the following websites.
Online Writing Lab
Content: When writing your papers, be sure to include applicable excerpts from the article (in quotes and referenced) that you use in support of your statements. Do not forget to include the organizational/industrial examples for each section and CLO.

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