Health Informatics

Create a health information management (HIM) environmental scan report by doing the following:
1. Select an emerging issue or trend in the field of HIM to investigate from one of the following HIM domains:
• domain I: data structure, content, and information governance
• domain II: information protection—access, disclosure, archival, privacy, and security
• domain III: informatics, analytics, and data use
• domain IV: revenue cycle management
• domain V: health law and compliance
• domain VI: organizational management and leadership
2. Explain why you chose to investigate the issue or trend from part A1.
3. Analyze 5–7 professional sources (e.g., professional interviews, peer-reviewed HIM journals, literature, articles, professional organizations or associations) that are relevant and aligned to the chosen issue or trend from part A1.
Note: Your submission should include a variety of different professional sources. The sources selected should not all come from the same type of sources (e.g., all personal interviews or all articles).
4. Analyze your chosen issue or trend from part A1 by doing the following:
a. Explain how your issue or trend evolved within the field of HIM.
b. Describe the healthcare setting of your issue or trend.
i. Explain how your issue or trend influences HIM in the chosen healthcare setting described in part A4b.
c. Discuss the roles of key stakeholders involved in the issue or trend.
d. Explain how the issue or trend affects the field of HIM.
e. Discuss two challenges related to the issue or trend in the field of HIM.
i. Discuss how each challenge from part A4e could be resolved.
5. Describe an experience you have had or could obtain related to the chosen issue or trend from part A1.
Note: If you have not had any related experience, then explain how you could get experience.
6. Research an organization that has been affected by your chosen issue or trend from part A1, then do the following:
a. Explain the impact of the issue or trend on the organization you researched.
b. Describe your perspective on how the organization handled the issue or trend.
i. Justify your position on the organization’s handling or mishandling of the issue or trend.

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