Arguments for the existence of God

The distinction between the Ontological Argument (either Descartes or Anselm’s version) and the cosmological argument (first cause argument). What does each theory state? What are the basic epistemological principles that each theory is based on. Who are the notable proponents of each that we addressed in class. What are some basic objections to the theories.
1. Your essay should be no longer than 3 pages total (not including the bibliography page). This is a limited amount of space for any of the topics that I listed above. Thus, get to the point in your writing. Fully explain the idea you are trying to explain, but do not waste space “over” explaining it or with unnecessary repetition of concepts. Your essay should be written in such a way that someone who had not taken the course could follow what you are writing (don’t say, “in class we discussed…”). Also, please give me a good title – nothing like Essay #2!
2. 2) You must incorporate into your essay at least 3 reliable outside sources (this is a research assignment – outside means outside of your class notes but it may include the text we are using in class). Do not cite me. Anything that I say in class is to be considered common knowledge.
3. 3) You must follow the guidelines for writing an APA paper as listed on:

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