Briefing Paper on: Waco Siege/Massacre

Term Paper(s): Briefing Paper – The Cuban Missile Crisis
Basic Requirements: double spaced, one inch margins, page numbers in footer or header, citations required (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard), 2-3 pages.
· Briefing Paper : The Cuban Missile Crisis
o A comprehensive breakdown of an intelligence collection or analysis (Example on iLearn)
§ Component parts
· Background (state the basic history of the event: groups, organizations, intelligence agencies, etc.) 1 page
· Form of intelligence:
Signals intelligence (sigint) is phone or data used to describe and discover information.
Human intelligence (humint) is provided by assets and whistle-blowers.
Data Intelligence (DataInt) emails, documents, etc.
· Purpose (half page)
· Result (half page)

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