Covid-19 pandemic in Maryland – Research Paper

1. Differentiate among the various roles of the nurse in population and community health in Maryland.
2. Analyze data using epidemiologic principles to identify the health of a population and a community in Maryland.
3. Identify determinants of health and illness based on data.
4. Discuss local and national population and community health resources.
5. Identify policy issues relevant to population and community health resources.
6. Discuss access and disparity issues in population and community health.
7. Discuss the impact of preventative care on population and community health.
8. Develop a preventative care plan for a specific population and community health issue.
9. What are the COVID-19 statistics for Maryland (at the time of evaluation)? When was the first case reported/what is the current rate?
10. Describe the sequencing of the mandates that have been set to restrict transmission of COVID-19? How do these restrictions affect your selected population? What assistance, if any, is offered to these residents?
11. How does this state’s mandates for control of the virus compare to Delaware’s actions?
12. Examine and report on the role of the nurse in these actions.
13. Design a questionnaire to evaluate what barriers the community group may be experiencing Design a questionnaire to evaluate how people adhered to the recommendations (ie. Social distancing, stocking of needed supplies for staying at home, employment requirements). Include asking what barriers the community group may be experiencing (transportation, childcare, finances, etc.)
14. Design a risk reduction document or copy an existing published one.
15. Send to at least 10 community members for their feedback.
16. Analyze input from recipients.
17. Design proposed options for assisting barriers.

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