Covid-19 related mental health disparities

Write a reflection paper that should be 4,000-4,500 (in MS word; Font: Times New Roman, size:11, single space) on the topic of “Covid-19 related mental health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities in the United States.”
Summarize all the three articles one-by-one and write your thoughts/experiences on the topic.
Upload the MS Word document under the folder “Reflection Paper Room.”
Grading Rubric (total score: 20)
Summary of article 1 (1,000 words): 5 points
Summary of article 2 (1,000 words): 5 points
Summary of article 3 (1,000 words): 5 points
Reflection of your thoughts/experiences (1,000 words): 4 points
Using the right font, font size, and single-space: 1 point

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