Exercise Prescription

Your new client is a 38-year-old female. She is a non-smoker and in generally good health. She has been inactive for 4 years, however, she was in sports during college. She wants to feel healthier, have more energy, gain muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and lose 18lbs. She has no medical conditions at the present time, but she does have pain sometimes in her shoulder; the doctor said it is probably due to an upper cross syndrome. She responded “no” to all questions on PAR-Q and her Health & Lifestyle questionnaire does not show any family history of chronic disease. She has gone to a doctor recently and has her current biometric information.
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 172
BMI: 27.8
Fasting Blood Glucose: 91
Cholesterol Profile: Total= 193 LDL= 147mg/dl; HDL= 46
Resting Blood Pressure: 124/76 mmHg
RHR= 65
ACSM Risk Classification: Moderate
Skinfold assessments: Triceps= 21mm; Suprailiac= 14mm; Thigh= 38mm
Estimated Body Fat Percentage: 28%
Fat Weight: 48lbs; Lean Body Weight: 124lbs
Modified push-ups assessment: 20 completed
Partial Curl-Up assessment: 31 completed
Posture: Shoulders rounded forward
Part 1:
Write a 3-4 page paper analyzing the information provided about this new client. Highlight the overall health status of the client by indicating potential health risks or concerns you may have and any limitations that may be prudent. Provide details on how you plan to utilize this information to decide what the plan should be to help this client achieve her goals.
Part 2:
Provide a designed program for a session including warm-up, resistance training, flexibility exercises, cool down, and anything else you feel is necessary. This should be completed in a spreadsheet format. It should outline each detail that you will be going over in a 60-minute session.
The total assignment should be a minimum of 3-4 pages written plus 1-2 pages for program design. This does not include your title or reference page. Students should use APA format with 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double spacing, and utilize at least 3 references for assignment.

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