In this essay, I will argue that passive euthanasia is unethical.

Apr 4, 2022 at 12:00 AM
Once you’ve submitted and gotten feedback on your paper topic and paper outline, you should start writing your paper. Here are instructions:
1. The paper is to be written in some standard wordprocessor format in complete sentences. It is to be about 1200-1500 words on any topic covered in class.
2. The paper is to have a thesis statement, that is, a statement of your intent to argue for a particular conclusion. Here is an example: “In this paper I will argue that passive euthanasia is immoral.”
3. The paper is to consist mostly of your reasons (or arguments) for proving your thesis statement. The paper is not a statement of your opinion or feelings on the topic. Here is an example: “One reason that passive euthanasia is immoral is because it can lead to a slippery slope. In other words, once doctors start letting their patients who are in pain die, they might let other patients die. It is possible, therefore, that eventually there will be great loss of death.”
4. You should present 3-4 different reasons (or arguments) in support of your thesis. You should come up with these yourself. Nonetheless you can also draw from one or more ethical theories that we covered as well as the relevant articles that we read. Do not consult outside sources. When referencing the material that we did cover, simply cite the page numbers of which quotes, if any, you draw from them.
5. You should also present objections to your view. Here is an example: “Someone might object that, with strict laws, there won’t be any slippery slope resulting in the death of many other patients.” And you should present responses to those objections. Otherwise it looks as if you’ve contradicted yourself!
6. Once you present your reasons, objections, and responses, make sure that you state what your decided view on this is. Here is an example: “I don’t think that laws can cover all cases. Even if the laws are strict, therefore, it’s still always possible that doctors and patients will find loopholes. Unscrupulous doctors might take advantage of these loopholes quite a lot. The slippery slope worry is serious.”
7. Please do not start your paper with: “Lately my topic has become very controversial” or “For a very long time people have argued about my topic.”
Here is the general way that your paper should be structured:
I. Intro
A. Thesis statement
B. Roadmap of how your paper will proceed
II. Arguments for your thesis, objections against it, and responses to those objections
A. First argument, objection, response
B. Second argument, objection, response
C. Third argument, objection, response
III. Conclusion: your decided view
Please post on that first discussion board — Questions about Course — any questions that you have about this. Otherwise feel free to submit any of the Assignments between now and their due date. And good luck!

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