Middle/late childhood (6 to 10-12 years old)

. Your paper will be in
APA format covering your developmental period and the research. Through your Annotated
Bibliographies and additional research, you will complete this paper. Your group has free reign
for the specific topic of the paper, it just has to stay within your developmental period, and the
group has to agree. Since groups may vary in size, so will the length of the final project. For
each group member, you MUST have at least 3 pages of APA formatted paper and 5
resources. So for example, if a group has 3 students in it, your paper MUST be 9 pages and have
at least 15 references. If you have 6 people in your group your paper MUST be 18 pages and
have at least 30 references. Any paper soring over 25% on plagiarism will receive a 0 for the
entire group. One group member will upload the assignment on this page for grading for the
entire group

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