Organization Change model

final project will be a model for change within an organization that you have
developed from the knowledge you have gained in this class.
1. For this project you will choose an organization
with which you have first-hand experience, analyze it from an OD perspective,
then design an OD program or intervention for it. You may want to use the same organization
that you used for the Organizational Culture Assessment (but it does not have
to be); it could be an intervention to improve their organizational culture.
2. Your
report will include the following:
a. A
brief history of the organization to provide background to the problems it has
of at least one full page. (10 points)
b. Organization
chart, mission, vision, core values (10 points)
c. A
description of at least one of the OD problems found there and its causes. (20
d. Recommended
interventions and your reasons for choosing the interventions (choose at least
two interventions). (30 points)
e. Expected
sources of resistance, the types of resistance, and the methods you would use
to overcome resistance (refer to Class #13, Chapter 13) (20 points)
APA 7th edition format, TNR12’
font, double spaced with title page and reference page (10 points)
Undergraduate students
– 4-6 full pages of text, double spaced throughout, not including title page
and reference page with least 2 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles cited
in your text.

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