Public Administration, Nov. 10, 2021 Required Paper Project

EDPA 2320 Public Administration, Nov. 10, 2021
Required Paper Project (This is the paper mentioned on the syllabus for 10 points of the final
INSTRUCTIONS: Identify a governmental organization to study. It can be a regular government, city,
town, school district, sewer authority, etc., or a governmental agency within a larger government, or a
non-profit funded by a government with contracts, or a public university or other entity funded and
regulated by a government but maybe not thought of as government. Answer the following questions
separately as numbered. If you are doing an internship or recently did one or worked with a
government agency, you can use that.
LENGTH AND DUE DATE. It is difficult to give an exact length, but I would say generally three pages
would be the minimum. Please get it to me by the last day of class, or sooner. If you get it to me
sooner, I can get it back to you with comments and you can make any changes that might be needed.
1. Give the name of the organization, its location and explain generally what it does, and about
how many people it employs. If it is a government, about how many people does it serve.
2. If it is not a government , explain the government connection. Or is it on a government
contract, such as with a non-profit organization, or has public funding or ownership, such as a
public university or college?
3. Does the connection in Q. 2 fit with the submerged state/interwoven government thesis of the
course in terms of the organization being public but not necessarily perceived as part of
government or providing government services?
4. Who is the head of the organization and how is he or she selected? If it is a government, is the
head elected by the voters, or selected by a legislature, an elected executive, an appointed
executive, etc.? if a private organization, how is the head selected?
5. Give some idea of the number of bureaus or subagencies in the organization which are directly
under and report to the top official or board. If there is an organization chart, include that. Does
the head official have a large or small span of control?
6. Are the employees civil service? Are they unionized?
7. Name some of the outside groups that are interested in or involved with the organization, either
supported or served by it, which may make demands on it or even criticize it. Is this an example
of an iron triangle? You might have to attend a meeting or look in the local media to see reports
on recent meetings to see who showed up and testified or otherwise communicated with the
organization. Possibly the organization’s own web site might have some information in recent
press releases or news, or discuss organizations or groups with whom they work.
8. If possible, find what part of the relevant legislative body-city council, county council, state
legislature or Congress- does oversight and appropriation of any money or makes rules for the

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