Prepare at least a 500-word summary of your interview in which you address the following:
Summarize the interview.
Describe how the information from the interview has informed your understanding of therapeutic play.
Below is the interview:
I have been in practice self-employed for 2 years. I have
experience working with children, adolescents, and family counseling since
2017. Experiences include school counseling for high school students as well as
facilitating group and individual counseling sessions with youth ages ranging
from 5-19. Specialty groups I have led include social skills and parenting
skills. I am pending licensure from Arizona, currently obtain my limited permit
for 2 supervised settings. My current experience includes crisis intervention
in a hospital setting as well as private practice with individuals and
families. My focus is on children, teenagers and families having issues related
to anger, self-esteem and bothered by the anxiety of school performance. I
engage children and adolescents by utilizing various CBT and DBT worksheets as
well as utilizing toys to build rapport. Utilizing mental health based board
games help children express their emotions easily without feeling judged.
Specific play therapies would include the emotion ball that has been helpful
with children to identify emotions and share stories out loud. Journaling and
art therapies have also been utilized. They work very well with children,
adolescents, and teenagers as well. In regard to values and beliefs as part of
the LGBT community I wanted to be able to allow any adolescent, or teen to have
the ability to freely open up to a clinician such as myself who can understand
them without judgement or bias. In regard to nature as part of therapy I
include utilizing the 5 senses as part of mindfulness activities so that
clients take a moment to experience the world around them based on their 5
senses. For example, taking a walk in nature and noticing what they hear, see,
and smell etc. to distract any intrusive or racing thoughts. If you plan on
working with children, adolescents, and teenagers the advice I’d like to share
is always build rapport with the client based on activities they enjoy. This
will allow the client to feel at ease and have a better time opening to you.
Bring games and fun activities into the counseling session. Building rapport
with clients is essential to all counselors.

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