Rehabilitation and respect for persons

Begin by reviewing what Morris say in the paragraph beginning “Fourth …” on page 76 of Morris’ “Persons and Punishment.” Do you think that Morris is making a strong point that treating criminal offenders on a pure rehabilitation model, with no punishment, shows a lack of respect for them as persons, as rational beings capable of making choices for themselves? Reflecting back on what we explored in terms of what it means to be a person, and, particularly, an agent in our earlier work in this class may be of some help here. (In the latter regards, I am not referencing the details of the respective explanatory accounts of the philosophers we discussed; rather, I am referencing the basic ideas that they started with–ideas of what it is to be a person, especially a person in her agential capacity.)
I am not looking for a “correct” answer. I am looking for intelligent, careful reflection and clarity and care in expressing yourself.

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