short answer about Nikhil/Gogol

Unit 15.2 Discussion Forum – submission
Unit 15.2 Discussion Forum – submission
At this point, Nikhil/Gogol truly begins his public life outside the family. This movement, of course, continues the development of the assimilation, naming, and identity themes while fundamentally altering the context through Gogol’s relationships with women and his encounters with their families. Ready to enter university, Gogol officially changes his name, adopting Nikhil as his “good” name just as his parents initially intended. How does this change affect both Gogol and his parents? Consider how his relationship with his college friends and their easy switch to Nikhil as his given name affects Gogol’s sense of himself. What complications arise for him regarding his two names, his “twoness”? See in particular Gogol’s thoughts on pages 105-06. Additionally, Gogol’s relationships with women (from his initial sexual encounter with an unnamed student to his affair with Ruth to his extended relationship with Maxine Ratliff) affect his separation from his own family. Still, they might also, to some degree, provide evidence of distinctions between social and cultural expectations in America and those that governed Ashima and Ashoke’s early lives. Consider how Gogol’s experiences might further complicate his understanding of his parents and their responses to his relationships.

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