Special Topics

If we were able to devote an entire semester, rather than an 8-week term, to this material we would have extended our focus of the material from the core of managerial accounting to the broader context of strategic cost management. As such, an array of additional specialized topics would have been explored toward the bigger picture understanding of strategic cost management.
So for your final assignment/project of the course I’d like you to select and explore one of the following topics normally developed as part of the study of strategic cost management:
The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map
Business Process Improvement
Value Chain Analysis
TQM and Measuring the Cost of Quality
Activity-Based Costing and Management
Lean Manufacturing and Accounting for Lean
Business Intelligence
The Theory of Constraints
Target Costing
Customer Profitability Analysis
Life-Cycle Costing
Ethical Issues of Cost Allocation
Transfer Pricing
Research the topic of your choice and develop an appropriate understanding of the topic to complete the following special topic assignment activities:
By midnight on Wednesday of Week 8, please enter a “Directed Discussion post” in Week 8, giving a high-level summary overview to present your topic to the class and then respond as necessary to additional replies. Post your summary to this discussion: Week 8 – Directed Discussion

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