Poverty problem

For Paper Two, you identified a serious social problem in our community, state, nation, or world, and provided evidence that it truly is an important problem that urgently needs to be solved. Now for Paper Three, you should research and evaluate a number of possible alternative solutions to the serious social problem you have identified. Ultimately, you should select one or more of these solutions (possibly in combination) as the best approach, and write to persuade your reader that your answer is the best.
But how should you define “best”? For this paper, define “best” as the approach that could effectively solve or minimize the serious social problem you’ve identified without harmful side effects, for the lowest economic, social and ecological costs. Also consider each solution’s feasibility: what obstacles stand in its way? Would the public endorse the solutions you favor? How could support be marshaled for these solutions? (As part of the last question, you should answer the arguments of people who oppose your favorite solutions.)
The good news is that half your work is already done. You can incorporate your Paper Two into this essay (revised to whatever extent proves necessary) as your first four or five pages, to establish the seriousness of the problem and to describe what causes and/or factors need to be addressed in any solution. Do revise your introductory paragraphs to either hint at or directly state your proposed solutions.
The same as for Paper Two, your instructor and classmates are your intended readers, representing all the instructors and classmates whom you will have to persuade, in future essays, that you have thoroughly researched a topic and examined it from a number of divergent viewpoints. Thus your paper should be written in an academic or “college” style.
Once again, your sources can be newspapers, magazines, websites, films, academic journals or other information media, but they must be credible, and long enough to provide you with enough facts and opinions to help you build your paper (see length and source requirements below).

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