Results section

This assignment may require a bit of statistical insight. As i have no idea what is being asked in the instructions below or how to interupt the results of the survey to complete this section. I faioled statistics the first time around and am dreading having to do it again.
Compose an initial rough draft of the Results section for research proposal. In your Results section, you
should first describe how you reduced your data for analysis (e.g., how your questionnaires were summed or averaged to get a composite score to analyze). Your Results section should also include a table of the
relevant descriptive statistics. Last, you will need to describe the statistical test that you chose to run and provide the key results for the test as well as a brief explanation of the results. It is essential that you
follow APA style when writing this section. Please refer to Chapters 2, 3, and 5 of your APA manual for
further instructions on how best to write a Methods and Results section.
I have attached my research proposal and the methods section for reference if need be. I have also attached a pdf document which displays the results of the survey in what I can only describe as a nightmare to my eyes. I have also attached the rubric for this assignment.
Thank you for considering my assignmnet.

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