advocacy letter peer review

Peer Review Questions:
What is the main argument of the letter? (What is the letter trying to persuade the audience to do or consider?)
Could the author present the main argument more clearly? If so, how?
Who is the audience for this letter? Is this the right audience for this issue? Why or why not?
Imagine you are the audience. What in the letter might persuade you to listen to the author’s claim?
Imagine you are the audience. What in the letter might turn you off from listening to the author’s claim?
Does the author respond to possible counterarguments? How or how not?
Is this letter too long or short for an advocacy letter? Why or why not?
Does the formatting fit the conventions of a letter (heading, greeting, date, etc.)? If not, what does it need?
Is there enough evidence to support this argument? Why or why not? If not, what else is needed?
Are all the sources cited correctly? Which ones need fixing and why?
What is the tone (style or voice) of the letter? Is it appropriate for the audience? (For example, is it too harsh? Is it too angry? Is it too soft?) Why or why not?
Are there any words, phrases, or sentences that would confuse the audience? If so, which ones? Why?
Write down any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors you notice. What are your suggestions for fixing these?
Any other comments or questions?

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