Context Four Paper: Family

Papers should reflect on the ethical and relationship issues for the context you are writing about (self-presentation, friendships, intimate relationships, family). You should reference readings and class discussions for that context. Additionally, you should provide your own thoughts on the ethical issues for that context and apply to your own experiences or observations. All sources used must be cited both in-text and in Works Cited.
write a paper reflecting on topics discussed in and read about for class, and applying at least two different ethical systems to an example of the chosen topic. You may not choose a completed communication context once we have passed on to the next one. Each paper will be a minimum of four pages and must meet the criteria for out-of-class assignments discussed above. Outside sources are not required, but if used (including class assigned texts) they MUST be cited correctly in-text and a complete MLA or APA Style bibliography attached. Those who do best on these assignments show analytical and synthetic thinking as well as application of class materials to their own experiences and observations.

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