yf 2

Pick a current issue that has people confused or has
by its nature complicated issues.
Write an informative essay that will leave your reader understanding the
finer points of this issue, understanding confusing data or claims made by
others, and generally inform. Pick something you want to know more about; this
will make the assignment more interesting for you!
Include an introduction, cited material from outside sources to help you
explain your topic, and a conclusion.
Include transitions that move the paper forward and link ideas clearly.
Use at least one outside source for this
assignment. You may use as many outside sources as you deem appropriate.
Topic Ideas (you may, but need not, choose off this list)
How a
Computer Works
Why Some People Find it Hard to Sit Still
School Uniforms
Why Being a Vegetarian is Healthy or Unhealthy
How we create our food sources
Why Supporting a Family is More Difficult than it Used to Be
How Reading a Lot Allows You to Do Better in School
Minimum length: 500 words

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