Analytical Report

Topic: What changes, if any, to the traditional five-day work week could lead to improvement of Walmart employee performance? I. Introduction A. Rationale B. Preview of Main Points C. Methods 1. Data Collection Procedures II. Definition of Terms III. Findings (Body) A. Schedule Incentivizing B. Mathematical Scheduling methods C. Work Week Shortening Results IV. Recommendations… Continue reading Analytical Report

John Legere- (former )CEO of TMobile- Management decisions/ leadership style

Professor Instructions: Topic: Profile of a corporate decision maker (John Legere) and his/her management of the organization (During his time as CEO of TMobile) Please identify some of the defining characteristics of decision-maker- CEO John Legere, and describe some of the decisions this CEO has made and how they have managed thier companies in recent… Continue reading John Legere- (former )CEO of TMobile- Management decisions/ leadership style

Labor Law/Right to Unionize

Background: Over the course of the last few decades, there has been a decrease in the number of employees that belong to unions. Historically, labor unions were instrumental in securing valuable employment protections, such as the 40-hour workweek and health care. As the economy has moved away from manufacturing and public sector jobs, union jobs… Continue reading Labor Law/Right to Unionize

Enterprise Resource Management

As you visualize the interactions among the various functions in an organization, you will need to provide a summarized historical overview of the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. You will have the opportunity to explain how ERP systems have contributed to improving an organizations’ performance, and how these systems became essential components in… Continue reading Enterprise Resource Management

Walmart-Research Paper

Individual Research Paper Guild lines- International Human Resources (15-20 paper) APA WRITING STYLE (Start Early) DUE TBD TOPICS THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED IN YOUR RESEARCH PAPER Pick an International Company -Company must be approved by your instructor. 1) Introduction: Name of the company and what Kind of business they are in. 2). The History of… Continue reading Walmart-Research Paper

Project: Introduction to Cryptography Assignment

1) I have added 2 files, one of the file containn 5 with question, some part need you to make an exel graph 2) instruction is in PDF called “Project Introduction to Cryptography Assignment Instructions” 3) The data file includes the text of three books of the Bible (Joshua, Jonah and Philippians), PDF file “Ruth,… Continue reading Project: Introduction to Cryptography Assignment

Global Marketing

Your organization is American-based and makes high-quality leather shoes for women. In the U.S. it faces steep competition from high-end foreign designers, not due to inferior quality, but due to the reputation of (and Americans’ penchant for) foreign-made leather products. Therefore, global expansion has been included in the organization’s seven-year strategic plan. Foreign direct investment… Continue reading Global Marketing

Global Marketing

Your successful launch of a single-serve brewing system in your chosen region has resulted in a promotion. You’ve been selected as the company’s new regional vice-president and have therefore relocated to the region. In this role, you are responsible for increasing revenues in the single-serve coffee division. A management team of twelve (all native to… Continue reading Global Marketing

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