Sections that need revision A1. The submission states that the efforts provided by each of the three professions include but are not limited to neurology, maintaining the quality of medical services, and evaluating the brain bleed that was identified upon hospitalization. It is not evident from the discussion which contribution comes from which healthcare professional.… Continue reading CARE COORDINATION

Disability and advocacy

Taking into account the key issues addressed within national & international evidence base, critically discuss the challenges & facilitators for people with disabilities in the recognition of their human rights and the role of the advocate within this. Choose one of the following areas: Inclusive education; early intervention; inclusive arts; justice; accessibility; inclusive living and… Continue reading Disability and advocacy

Module 8: Discussion Forum

There are various methods that can be used in workforce planning, and these are particularly important when maintaining positions that are considered a workforce shortage. Understanding the importance of this organizational strategy to ensure supply and demand are being met is crucial to success. This week’s discussion requires a two-part response – First, briefly describe… Continue reading Module 8: Discussion Forum

United States vs. New Zealand Health Care Systems

Each student will be responsible for a paper that compares and contrasts the U.S health care system to any other country’s health care system of your choice. Base on your research and evidence, come up with your own conclusions which health care system is the better for the United States. It should be a short… Continue reading United States vs. New Zealand Health Care Systems

Employee Rights

*** CITE THIS TEXT BOOK: Medical Law and Ethics, 6th Edition; BF Fremgen; Pearson, 2019 **** Read the following scenario and then post your response to the questions. You are the first shift department manager for medical records at a busy Level I trauma center, looking to fill the position for a medical records technician.… Continue reading Employee Rights

Benchmark – Health Care Compliance Essay

Assessment Description Compliance is critical within health care in order to operate effectively and provide safe and high-quality care to patients. Identify a specific health care organization (this could be the same one used in previous topics). In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, include the following: Identify what main governing bodies are overseeing the organization… Continue reading Benchmark – Health Care Compliance Essay

Discussion Response

I need responses to the following discussion posts from my classmates. Each response needs to be 250 words with a resource. 1. Initial response to module 6 by Lauren Fuller Question 2: How many verbal and undocumented warnings should an employee get before the formal process of written documentation starts? At what point do you… Continue reading Discussion Response

Training Session for Policy Implementation

Develop a 2-5-page training strategies summary and annotated agenda for a training session that will prepare a role group to succeed in implementing your proposed organizational policy and practice guidelines. To help ensure a smooth rollout and implementation of your proposed policy and practice guidelines, design a training session for one of the role groups… Continue reading Training Session for Policy Implementation

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