DNR and why and how its an ethical issue in healthcare

Write about DNR and how and why it’s an ethical issue in healthcare. Perform your analysis. Apply the recommended high-quality, ethical decision – making. Consider the facts of the situation, the ethical lenses—legal, regulatory—and any other, more specific lenses that might apply. Describe how the key concepts apply, and explain why the decision is difficult… Continue reading DNR and why and how its an ethical issue in healthcare

Environmental Health

Using multiple sources of information, and citing them using APA format, develop and submit a 1-3 page written assignment addressing the following: describe an important environmental threat to health in low and middle-income countries (examples: environmental toxins, air pollution, sanitation, water contamination), describe the health impacts of the environmental threat, and explain the role(s) the… Continue reading Environmental Health

Advocacy Letter

After reading the information on positions statements and selecting an advocacy topic complete this assignment. Make sure that you select one of the position statements at the bottom of the SHAPE America webpage and not the guidance documents at the top. For this assignment pretend that you are a teacher at an elementary school. You… Continue reading Advocacy Letter

Disease Process Examples

Week 1 Tasks Select one of the two topics below for your project, and: Provide a short definition or description of the topic. Provide the rationale for choosing this topic. Conclude with a high-level description of how you plan to collect the data for this project. Complete a 300- to 350-word essay in a Microsoft… Continue reading Disease Process Examples

Proposal for new revenue generating department

Create a proposal including the attached points. Objective: Assess financial data sources and make recommendations for data reporting in support of decision making. Compose a plan to evaluate recent changes in federal, state and local policies and how they impact financial management and decision to be made as a result of the policies.

Module 12 Discussion

Read the National Sexuality education Standards: Core Content and Skills, K-12 resource in Appendix D of the textbook. Review the standards by grade level. Share your thoughts and reactions to the standards and answer the following questions: The development of these standards by the involved organizations is a significant accomplishment.What do you think of the… Continue reading Module 12 Discussion


Please read the question carefully and answer each part of the question. Evaluate the importance of health information exchanges and interoperability in terms of the deployment of the Nationwide Health Information Network in the United States. Must have 3 scholarly references within five years(Must be APA 7ed format) Must be completed by 5:30 pm eastern… Continue reading Mapping

external and internal environments

Week 6 Assignment – External and Internal Environments Overview In this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected and focused on for the Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness assignment. Using the corporation you chose from the Week 3 assignment, Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness, examine the industry in which the entity operates.… Continue reading external and internal environments

Exercise Prescription

Background Your new client is a 38-year-old female. She is a non-smoker and in generally good health. She has been inactive for 4 years, however, she was in sports during college. She wants to feel healthier, have more energy, gain muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, and lose 18lbs. She has no medical conditions at the present… Continue reading Exercise Prescription

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