Personal growth related to Liberal Arts Breadth Areas

For the personal examples I am going to attach some previous assignments and then Ill attach course descriptions and assignment descriptions. If you can pull examples oout of those that would be great if not making a notation on where I need to insert an example of something. Review the University Learning Outcomes for Liberal… Continue reading Personal growth related to Liberal Arts Breadth Areas

An overview on airports

An overview of airport operations Ground handling- challenges facing facility security Government over right on airport cargo Economic impact Airport security and its challenges Cargo operations

Relational Turbulence paper

explaining a concept, process, or theory, and then offering practical advice based on Relational turbulence. When writing your article, please follow the following guidelines: The text of the paper (not including the title page or references) should be 4.5-5 pages long. All papers should be written in APA formatting (cover page, References page, in-text citations)… Continue reading Relational Turbulence paper


write a blog entry with a summary of your chapter that highlights successes, challenges, and future directions for this type of intervention. Your summary should be comprehensive and cover the chapter’s main topics The summary should NOT quote directly or copy text from the chapter. The summary also needs to be a minium of 350… Continue reading KOrrBlog

Final Research Project

Directions Topic: Include all 5 topics/learning objectives to research. Length and format: The paper should be approximately 7-10 pages in length excluding the cover page. Each new topic/core learning objective should be clearly noted. For example, you might bold and underline a new topic you begin to discuss. References should be listed at the end… Continue reading Final Research Project

alg video reflection and review

write one big paragraph of your thoughts and reflections on the film and discussion. Write what you want to say. PRACTICE BEFORE YOU write. What did you enjoy? What did you learn? What stood out to you? Were you inspired? Etc.

Why are women of color paid less than white women and men

APA format (including an APA title page,body, and reference page). Please utilize 7th edition of APA format. Must be 2000-2500 words. The title page and reference page do not count towards the word count. Use a standard, APA approved font. With the exception of the introduction and conclusion, one form of support should be used… Continue reading Why are women of color paid less than white women and men

Drama Essay Assignment

examine two plays, Fences by August Wilsonband A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, in relation to the idea of the “American Dream” (as James Truslow Adams) first step should be to understand the characters’ explicit or implicit understanding of and relationship to the “American Dream” and how those differences cause conflicts in the… Continue reading Drama Essay Assignment

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