climate change

This is Case study on Climate change. This should be divided into 5 sections please read instructions.

both sides of the ethics of war.

You are the teacher of a college ethics course. Today’s discussion involves both sides of the ethics of war. Write a four-paragraph introduction to the class. (A paragraph being one where there is at least 10 sentences.) The first paragraph should introduce the topic in general, the second should present the basic belief of pacifism… Continue reading both sides of the ethics of war.

Freedom of Speech and Twitter

Guidelines for the paper: – Length: 2,000-2,500 words – It should include – main topic and reason for choosing – the problems/issues the paper will explore and how – a brief summary of the arguments made in the readings – an assessment of the readings which is supposed to inform your own argument – bibliography… Continue reading Freedom of Speech and Twitter

ethical dilemma case study

Ethical Dilemma Case Study Instructions Your goal is to find or create an ethical dilemma, research and propose a potential solution following a step-by-step process. You need to research your issue, the ethical schools of thought (theories) you believe are applicable, the pros and cons, and then conclude with your final proposal. An ethical dilemma… Continue reading ethical dilemma case study

philosophy of song

Your Term Paper Assignment is to write on one of the two closely related topics below. The only materials you are permitted to consult to write this paper are as follows: i) Collingwood’s, The Principles of Art; ii) Brison’s Foreword in, Learning From My Daughter; iii) Kemp’s, Collingwood’s Aesthetics; iv) Brown’s, Feeling My Way article;… Continue reading philosophy of song


Please read Rubric that I provided,I have provided links and readings If you have any questions please ask DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES

John Rawls

If you knew nothing about your talents, gender, race, economic standing, or education, then what type of society would you want to live in? 1. If it was up to you, what type of society would you construct? 2. What would Rawls say about your society? **Note: Make sure to cite the readings, in order… Continue reading John Rawls

Philosophy Law

Answer The Attached Essay Questions Below I Have The Book Needed For The Class As Well As The Article

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