Arguments for the existence of God

The distinction between the Ontological Argument (either Descartes or Anselm’s version) and the cosmological argument (first cause argument). What does each theory state? What are the basic epistemological principles that each theory is based on. Who are the notable proponents of each that we addressed in class. What are some basic objections to the theories.… Continue reading Arguments for the existence of God

Decartes’ Philosophy Essay

Expertise, Method, and Morality Questions for the Final Take Home Essay Assignment Directions: Answer one of the following question in a 5-page, double-spaced typed essay. The assignment is due the last day of class week (April 29). Question: Explore Descartes’ case at the end of Discourse 5 for why we will never replicate real intelligence… Continue reading Decartes’ Philosophy Essay

Philosophy Human person

For this paper, you are to choose two of the thinkers from the course and develop clearly what their view of the human being. Using these different views, you are to show which thinker has best captured what it means to be human and what it means to flourish as a human being. You are… Continue reading Philosophy Human person

Philosophy Final Paper

Length: 900 to 1500 words (approximately 3-5 pages). Format: The paper should use the MLA format, including Works Cited page. Library Resources: You should consult at least 3 high-quality sources, not counting course texts, that either help explain the subject, help support your argument, a present a counter-argument or competing alternative to your position. Turnitin:… Continue reading Philosophy Final Paper

Applying Mabbott’s Legal Retributivism

This discussion is for after you have read the following: Mabbott, “Punishment” Mabbott, “Professor Flew on Punishment” (excerpt) Tierney, “An Overview of Mabbott’s System” (handout) Smart, “An Outline of a System of Utilitarian Ethics” (excerpt) Williams, “A Critique of Utilitarianism” (excerpt) Tierney, “Using Smart and Williams to Critique Mabbott” (handout) In the handout entitled “Using… Continue reading Applying Mabbott’s Legal Retributivism

An eye for an eye

Does the idea of making a wrongdoer “pay” for criminal wrongdoing–in roughly the way Miller discusses–resonate with you? Or is this just a holdover from a more barbarous time? Is this something we should get past and just try to rehabilitate criminal offenders through therapy, retraining, and so on–with no punishment? Or, as distinct from… Continue reading An eye for an eye

Final Paper

Your final paper is going to be a fairly short discussion of the article that you presented with your groups. The goal of this paper is to explore some of the ramifications of the author’s arguments and viewpoints with our understanding of science. To this end, your paper should accomplish two tasks. Part 1: Summarize… Continue reading Final Paper

African philosophy —

Final Examination ( Research Paper ) should be 8-10 pages on a topic of your choice [ON THE TOPIC OF MORALITY IN AFRICAN THOUGHT] . . The final research paper will be judged on its understanding of existing positions in the discussions on African philosophy and your ability to develop and defend your position. (40%of… Continue reading African philosophy —

Are we Ethically Justified in Killing Animals for Consumption?

Choose one of the following two topics: (i) Are there Objective Ethical Truths?, (ii) Are we Ethically Justified in Killing Animals for Consumption?, or (iii) In the Light of the Existence of Evil, is it Possible to Argue that God Exist? [At least two full-pages; font: TNR 12; margins: 1.5; spacing: 1.] It is critical… Continue reading Are we Ethically Justified in Killing Animals for Consumption?

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