Select a current event or social issue, critically analyze and discuss the problem from at least two perspectives, apply at least two psychological concepts to the event/issue, and reach a conclusion based on your critical analysis. To critically analyze a topic, you need to be able identify at least two different perspectives, evaluate each perspective,… Continue reading Abortion

movie: Arrival Assigment: Research synthesis essay looking at the movie arrival through a psychological lense.

Analyze the movie “arrival” making three points connected to the thesis and having evidence after each point being followed up with the primary source (Arrival) and the secondary source (Research from Tarrant County College Library database) looked at through a psychological lense.

Action & Reflection

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: EATING DISORDERS BY PAMELA K. KEEL SECOND EDITION READ CHAPTER 12 USE THE INFORMATION YOU OBTAIN FROM THE READINGS TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT Complete this template by answering all questions and filling in all sections – type your answers directly into the document after each question be sure to check for spelling and… Continue reading Action & Reflection

Gender Roles and Gender Identity

Instructions Write a 3-4 page paper on gender roles, gender identity, and stereotypes. In your paper answer each of the following questions. Which theorist has the best theory of gender role development? Describe the theory and why you believe it is the best theory of gender-role development, support your thoughts with outside research. Think about… Continue reading Gender Roles and Gender Identity

Programs for adult males to avoid recidivism.

Paper is to be written off of outline and reference list attached. Instructors Notes One thing to consider would be to ensure that the introduction and conclusion section are also sufficiently detailed and analytical the way that you are showing here that the body of the paper is. I want to offer a strategy for… Continue reading Programs for adult males to avoid recidivism.

Discussion responses

Each response must be 200 words.(Total of 5 reponses) DO NOT summarize the chapter or copy and paste from the book or Internet websites. Give your own opinions and thoughts. You are encouraged to use personal experiences and/or events. Doesnt have to be MLA nor double spaced. You can respond to these students: Ch. 5… Continue reading Discussion responses

Theories Of Learning Research Paper

For this paper, you will choose your own research topic that you want to explore related to theories of learning. In this course, we covered many topics from learning and memory. For example, you can do your research paper on the neuroscience of learning and memory, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, skill memory, emotional influence on… Continue reading Theories Of Learning Research Paper

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